How White Willow Succulents Was Born


How White Willow Succulents came to be...…

        2 Moms who's daughters are Best Friends share love for succulents and hard work. We decided one day that we were done sitting around and talking about creating beautiful succulent arrangements and decided to take the plunge and give it a try! Together ,through trial and error and a lot of hard work we have created beautiful succulent arrangements to incorporate at White Willow Nursery for 2019!!! As moms, we always talked about how we were sick of getting flowers that lasted a few days for special occasions and loved the fact that succulent creations last indefinitely with proper care. Not to mention the bonus that they are low maintenance and even a person with a "brown thumb" can keep them alive. So next time you looking to send that special someone an arrangement check out one of our options that last longer than fresh cut flowers. We ship to many states and also have in store pickup! Or if your curious and just want to stop by and see, come on in, we love showing off our stuff! :) 

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